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Useful Contacts

Do you need the contact number for a specific government department in the UK or in Spain? We´ve included a host of useful contacts below who can help you get your enquiry resolved. If you have any questions that you don´t think are covered by these departments, please send us an email through the Contact Form.

112logoWhat should you do in an emergency? Dial 112. The European emergency number is valid in all EU member states and is free of charge.

Request a public ambulance to take you to the nearest state-run hospital. This will be covered by your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

  •      My App – the new 112 application

My QR app website

Useful contacts in Spain

You can now download the 112 application called My 112 by scanning the QR codes opposite for any Apple (left) or Android (right) device. This app will find exactly where you are in case of emergency.

Useful contacts in Spain 

INSS Instituto Nacional de la Seguridad Social

What do they do:
This is the Spanish authority that deals with all applications for pensions, benefits and access to healthcare. Each province has a ‘Dirección Provincial’, which will deal with any application that involves another EU Member State. There are also smaller offices across Spain, which are called ‘Centros de Atención e Información’ (CAISS), where customers can go to register for access to healthcare and to collect or hand in application forms.

Tel: 901 16 65 65

TGSS Tesoreria General de la Seguridad Social

What do they do:
This is the sister body of the INSS. They deal mainly with social security contributions. Customers will need to contact the TGSS if they wish to get a social security number in order to be able to work in Spain, if they wish to make voluntary contributions or want to register as self-employed (´autónomo´). Each province also has a ‘Dirección Provincial’ along with smaller offices called ‘Administraciones’.

Tel: 901 502 050

Spanish Red Cross

Red Cross

The Spanish Red Cross and the British Embassy in Spain have signed a scheme to regularize the collaboration between both parties, in relation to the promotion and participation of the British community in Red Cross activities. The scheme is initially available in the province of Alicante and and can be extended geographically to other provinces or local areas upon further demand.

What do they do: 

1. Services the Spanish Red Cross could provide are a) give orientation to access resources from the Spanish community, b) facilitate a volunteer to accompany a customer, c) give access to adapted transport services, d) become a monitored user through the proximity technology or through home teleassistance technologies.

2. Elaborate a relationship of voluntary action points where English as a language would be a decisive factor. This is done without influencing negatively on other people’s access to the services available.

3. Establish mechanisms of contact between British associations and local presidents of the Spanish Red Cross.

Tel: 965 918 657



Useful contacts in the UK

IPC International Pension Centre

What do they do:
The IPC issues the S1 form to long-term Sickness Benefit recipients who are living abroad.

Tel: (+44) 191 218 7777

OHS Overseas Healthcare Service

What do they do:
The OHS issues the S1 form to UK State Pension and deals with EHIC entitlements for registered S1 holders and Provisional Replacement Certificates in the case of a lost or stolen EHIC.

Tel: (+44) 191 218 1999


HMRC Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs

What do they do:
HMRC issues the S1 form to workers and their families who are posted abroad within the European Union and who continue to make national insurance contributions in the UK.

Tel: (+44) 191 203 7010

FCO Foreign and Commonwealth Office

The FCO provides help and support to British nationals abroad.

Tel: 902 109 356

Other useful contacts

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