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Do you work and pay social security contributions in Spain?yesRegister at your local health centre with your social security number.

Are you in receipt of a Spanish state pension or benefit?yesThe INSS* will issue you with a document showing the result of your pension or benefit application. You must present this at your local health centre.

Have you been in receipt of Spanish unemployment benefit that has now stopped?yesApply for the "documento acreditativo del derecho de asistencia sanitaria" from the INSS*.

Are you in receipt of a UK state pension or Long Term Sickness Benefit?yesApply for an S1 form from the International Pension Centre to register at your local INSS* office.

Are you a UK posted worker in Spain?yesContact Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs.

Do you hold a Residency Certificate in Spain issued before 24th April 2012?yesRegister for healthcare as a resident of Spain (límite de rentas).
Please see the FAQs page of our website for a mini-guide on how to do this.

If none of these situations apply to you, enquire at your local health centre about the Convenio Especial.

This is a Spanish Government pay-in health insurance scheme.

This is a Spanish Goverment pay-in health insurance scheme

*INSS- Instituto Nacional de Seguridad Social (Spanish Social Security)

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